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Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultant: Make wall art one of your priorities in designing your home

Putting wall art is often the last choice for many in doing their interior design, but on this post, Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants names wall art as one of the priorities. Here are some good thoughts about choosing a wall art that can suit your current space and provide a more harmonious feeling to your house:


Firstly, choose a wall art that you love and have a genuine appreciation for it, and that art piece could be a stimulus in determining your room’s color palette. Knowing the color palette of your interior design often takes a lot of time because you’re having a hard time deciding, so with something to derive your color palette on, things will then get easier. Choose at least two or three shades from the wall art and select the dominant color and other shades that you would like to make as accents.


Put items in your room that match to those colors. You can use mobile applications that can help you identify the corresponding shades of paint to specific colors. And if you seek more professional approach, contact a good art consultant like Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants.


Secondly, a wall art can fill the position of the “central point” of a room. When you enter a room, there’s an element that will draw you into its presence, and a wall art can be that design element. It can be the main focus of the entire room or a huge space. But remember its size also holds huge importance and if it is too big or too small, it might not bring a good feeling to your visitors, so you must determine the right measurements first.


Thirdly, a wall art can bring out the sense of texture. You can also put different forms of art to help provide a varying sense of texture to particular room space. In order to have more depth to a room, consider adding sculptures or shadow boxes in your interior design. You can be certain of more visual weight to your interiors with those extra bits of texture.


Lastly, putting a wall art can also provide a feeling of completion. This piece of art can pull a space together and make it feel complete. Choose a wall art that could blend beautifully to your chosen decorating style for your interior.


Having the chance to decorate a room gives an exciting feeling, but you better remember that above that anticipation, you should not forget about the good role a wall art can give. If properly done, wall hangings can bring a good framework in your house, and as mentioned before, it can be a focal point in planning the rest of the elements to be used in a room. Art is such a good topic, discuss your art thoughts with Devin Fitzpatrick Art Consultants and gather more expert advice.


Los Angeles MK News

Regarding the end to Shanghai MK’s cooperative partnership


We regret to inform you that due to problems including with license renewals, Shanghai MK’s partnership with Hertz China will be terminated at the end of this year.


Hertz-MK will continue operations as one section within Hertz.

Therefore, any reservations beginning January of next year will be handled by Hertz China.

Thank you very much for your patronage to MK hire service over the years.

We kindly ask that you utilize Hertz China for your reservations in the future.




One of Japan’s most appointed taxi groups is now raising the standards of car service in Southern California! MK Group has been providing Japan’s major cities with esteemed driving for over 50 years, earning high acclaim and demand as one of the most courteous companies in the country today. Now as the first car service to branch abroad, Los Angeles MK invites you to experience the convenience and economics of taxies with the high quality of limousines―an affordable yet uncompromised transportation experience unlike any other!




Los Angeles is an incredible site not only for vacation and tourism, but also for business and venture. We ensure that every visitor experiences Los Angeles and the rest of Southern California in the most suitable way. We accommodate all types of travel near and far, whether you are going from the airport to your home or hotel, exploring local hot spots and tourist sites, shopping and dining, or attending events, conventions, and meetings on business.


We travel beyond our Los Angeles headquarters, through local districts such as Orange County, San Bernadino, Riverside, San Diego, Ventura County, and Santa Barbara, all the way to more remote destinations such as San Francisco, Las Vegas, the Grand Canyon, and Phoenix, Arizona. We service you with a broad range of clean vehicles as to better adjust to your needs. For those that are visiting California for the first time or are traveling from outside the United States, our highly skilled staff will assist you thoroughly and safely.

Source: http://www.tokyomk.com/en

Haws Corporation Tempered Water Nevada USA: Privacy Policy

In the normal course of business, the Haws Corporation receives information from customers and others with whom we communicate. These communications can be on a wide variety of levels, including internet and other electronic communications, as well as via traditional print means, such as advertising reader response cards and physical product orders. It is the purpose of this privacy policy to establish our respect for the trust placed in us by people providing their personal and/or business information and to delineate the specific uses and limitations of use we place on information entrusted to us.


Information Collected


The specific information collected by Haws Corporation is strictly limited to the information you knowingly provide. Contact information provided when users register on our website, www.hawsco.com, is a good example. This information is used internally only, and is never sold or distributed in any manner to anyone outside of Haws Corporation. Our internal use is limited to efforts to assist you with obtaining information you might request from Haws Corporation, about our products and services.


Obviously, email communications you initiate with us will generate some internal data about how we might reply to you. Again, this information is used internally - only to the extent that will enable our response.


Web contacts and print publication leads, when generated by interested parties are followed up as a normal part of business operations. Once again, this information is held in the strictest of confidence.


Persons who contact us are sometimes asked to opt-in to our monthly e-newsletters for drinking fountains and electric water coolers, as well as emergency equipment. This opt-in authorization is used to communicate the requested information only and is ceased immediately in the event of a rescission of the opt-in authorization. E-newsletter recipient lists are treated with the same maximum security as all other customer and prospective customer information.


Last, but certainly not least, customer order information is strictly guarded, as well. In addition to Haws Corporation employees, customer order information might be shared with Haws authorized independent representatives and distributors. In these instances, the information shared is strictly limited to the information you provided that is essential to fulfill your order or other request.


Haws does not collect or accept customer or prospective customer information from any other sources.




Information received by Haws Corporation is not encrypted, mostly because we do not transact any sales on-line.


Third-Party Advertisers and Other Links


Haws Corporation does not participate with third party advertisers or any other links.

Singapore Huxley Associates: 11 ways to eliminate stress in the workplace


International Financial Corporation Fraud Regulatory Commission


Stress is a fact of modern life: a direct result of more technology and less time. Before the computer, the mobile phone, the instant access to information and rapid exchange of emails, life was slower and more predictable.


So how do we manage in this always-on world we’re living in, what strategies should we adopt to make sure that far from drowning under the pressure we’re able to stay on top of things and actually increase our productivity? Here are a few hints to send those stress levels plummeting and your production levels soaring.


  1. Get organised


A simple but highly effective start to the de-stressing process. Begin every day with a clear desk, literally and mentally. Set out your objectives for the day and list them. Everyone loves ticking off items, and it's a really positive thing to do. Be realistic with your objectives and identify the order of priority. Bear in mind that the unexpected will always happen, and that your day will be peppered with interruptions. And if you just can't find time for one of today's non-priority items, it can go to the top of tomorrow's list.


  1. Plan ahead


You may be starting each day with a 'to do' list, but you also need to look further ahead. Identify events, projects and tasks which are coming up and be sure to make space in your schedule for them. And don't just do it once. Check and update your calendar regularly - it's a good idea to schedule your own 'diary meeting' at the same time every week.


  1. Don't take on too much


It's the easiest thing in the world to agree to just one more little task. Be careful – by mid-morning, those little tasks can quite easily turn into a mountain of work. You have to find a way to say 'no'. No need to be abrupt – try something along the lines of 'I'd love to help you out but I have a backlog building up. If I can get through enough work, I'll give you a shout later and see what I can do to help'. You're giving a firm 'no' but showing a willingness to assist others once your personal responsibilities are fulfilled. If a manager is trying to pile work on you, show your work list and ask whether he or she would like to change the priorities in order to accommodate this new task. This puts the onus back on the manager and explains why you might not be able to deliver on time.


  1. Take time out


If work is getting on top of you, develop the discipline to turn away from your work or screen and just breathe deeply for a few seconds. The 'square breathing' technique is a great way of self-calming – just Google it to learn more about the technique. Then get up, take a brief walk to the kitchen or coffee machine, just to give yourself a change of environment. Don't leave it long enough to get out of work mode – but a few seconds to recentre yourself can really make a difference here.


  1. Cut down your interruptions


You can't do much about phone calls, other than not answer them. Obviously, you need to take important calls, but if a call appears to be something that can wait, let voicemail do what it was designed to do. Follow the same procedure with emails and internal messages – if they need a swift response, get on with it. If not, leave them for a while. It's a good idea to schedule a number of periods during the day when you can respond to emails and calls.


  1. Have a lunch break


A tough one, this. Many work environments can leave employees feeling slightly uncomfortable taking time off to eat. Try not to fall into this pattern – even if you just give yourself time to grab a sandwich and have a quick walk. Any smart manager knows that a break from your desk makes you more, not less productive.


  1. Look after yourself


If you’d look after yourself, no-one else is going right, right? Something as simple as making sure you eat healthily, get a little bit of exercise and are well rested can make a huge difference. You know how much rest and sleep you need to function properly so get that early night, stay off the booze and don’t push yourself beyond your limits.


  1. Create a stress toolbox


You need a set of solutions for when things are getting on top of you. There's plenty of online information about this subject but a few of the basics can work wonders in bringing your stress levels down. Deep breathing is an excellent way of regathering your thoughts. Another great method for banishing negativity is to identify a 'special' place – somewhere you can quickly go to in your mind which oozes positivity. It might be a favourite beach, or landscape, a building or a restaurant – whatever works for you. Just pay a quick mental visit for an instant lift in mood. If a physical aid works for you, try squeezing a small ball, or holding a pen or some small keepsake.


  1. Don't always seek perfection


Any employee worth their salt will try to do as well as they can in every aspect of their job. It's not always possible, though, to get everything right. The important thing to remember is that it's okay to make a mistake. It happens to everyone – even managers and senior executives. The trick is to recognise and embrace any mistakes you make and to learn from them.


  1. Talk to your boss


If you’re really feeling the pressure then talk to your boss. They might not know how you’re feeling and once they do they might be able to give you more support, more time or more resource. Their priority is getting the job done and having a team member wilting under the pressure won’t help them achieve it, give it a go, if they say no then at least you know where you stand.


  1. Have a plan B


A sure sign of being too stressed is thinking that your job is everything and that there’s no way out and no options other than to keep on slaving away. None of these things are true, no job is the ONLY job you’ll ever have, no role is that important and there are other employers out there who would love to have you working for them if your current role isn’t right for you. Take control, take a step back and look at your options, a call to a recruiter isn’t a bad idea either… I’m just saying…

Insurance Claim Investigators in Jordan

Claims Investigators Singapore


Claim Investigators are providing their professional and insurance investigation services to clients in all over Jordan. The regions of Jordan are looked after by our local associates/partners firms who are well-established with their trustworthy network and experienced to provide our comprehensive insurance investigation services according to the locale and also we maintain a network of correspondent offices and professional associates in all over the World with strong network of our on-ground associates/partners. Our investigations and reporting are comprehensively descriptive with the main objective to obtain the clear and convincing evidence. Our range of services includes:


  • Fraud claim investigations and insurance fraud investigation in Jordan
  • Life insurance claim investigations in Jordan
  • Accidental benefits/death claim investigations in Jordan
  • Property loss claim investigations in Jordan
  • Travel insurance claim investigations in Jordan
  • Third-party claim investigations in Jordan
  • Medical claim investigations in Jordan
  • Personal claim investigations in Jordan
  • Theft claim investigations in Jordan
  • Subrogation and recovery investigations in Jordan
  • Contestable death investigations in Jordan
  • Fatal accident investigations in Jordan
  • Motor vehicle crash investigation in Jordan
  • Recovery of stolen vehicles in Jordan
  • Insurance litigation support in Jordan


Our associates are very well experienced in fraud insurance claim investigations and well known in their respective locale consequently we can give you the best and prompt service. Indeed we cover all over Jordan including Amman, Irbid, Madaba, Aydun, Kuraymah, Wadi Musa, Suf, Hawwarah, Judayta, Jawa, Kafr Yuba, Umm Nuwarah, Sakib, Samma, Kafr Asad. Kindly contact us on our email: info@claiminvestigators.com according to your requirement respectively.


Global Singapore Visa processing tips: Immigration Fraud — Protect Yourself!

Don’t be the victim of a scam


If the offer seems too good to be true, it probably is.


Beware of immigration fraud and scams


You may have seen advertisements that promise work permits and guarantee high-paying jobs in Canada. Some offer scholarships to study at Canadian universities or colleges. Potential newcomers to Canada should be aware that many offers like these are fraudulent. In fact, using the services of people who make such promises may result in your application to Canada being rejected.


Canada’s immigration system is based on fairness. Every application receives equal consideration. No one has special connections, and no one can promise your application will be given special treatment or guarantee that it will be approved.


What you need to know


  • You are not obliged to hire a representative, including a consultant, lawyer, Quebec notary or paralegal regulated by a law society, to apply for a visa or for Canadian citizenship, but if you do, choose carefully.
  • Representatives do not have special connections with Canadian government officials and cannot guarantee you a visa. Nobody can guarantee you a visa.
  • Only Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) officers can decide whether or not to issue a visa. Don’t be tempted into using false documents. It is a serious crime to misrepresent yourself by making false statements or submitting false documents when dealing with CIC. If you do this, your application will be refused. You will also face serious consequences. Depending on the situation, these may include:
  1. no entry into Canada for at least five years;
  2. a permanent record of fraud in CIC’s database;
  3. revocation of your permanent resident status or Canadian citizenship;
  4. being charged with a crime; or
  5. removal from Canada.
  • Do not enter into a marriage that is not genuine in order to obtain permanent residence in Canada. Beware of Internet scams and false websites. The official CIC website is www.cic.gc.ca.
  • You will find free information for any type of visa on CIC’s website.
  • Processing fees are the same at all Canadian visa offices around the world. Fees in local currency are based on official exchange rates and correspond with the standard fee charged in Canadian dollars.
  • Canadian visa offices will never ask you to deposit money into an individual’s personal bank account or to transfer money through aspecific private money transfer company.
  • If you have questions, contact CIC or the visa office responsible for your area.


Choosing a representative, a consultant or a lawyer


If you do decide to hire a representative, choose carefully:


  • Ask someone you trust to recommend someone;
  • Talk to several representatives before you decide which one to hire; check references and find out how long they have been in business;
  • Make sure you understand exactly what services they will provide, and how much they will charge you. Get this information in writing.
  • Make sure they are authorized by the Government of Canada.


The only people authorized by the Government of Canada to charge a fee to represent or advise you on immigration, refugee and citizenship matters are:


  • lawyers and paralegals who are members in good standing of a Canadian provincial or territorial law society;
  • notaries who are members in good standing of the Chambre des notaires du Québec; and
  • citizenship or immigration consultants who are members in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council.


The Government of Canada will not deal with unauthorized representatives who charge a fee for their services.


To find out whether the person you are thinking of hiring to represent you is authorized by the Government of Canada, ask if they are members of one of the organizations listed above. You can then check with the organization to make sure the person is a member in good standing. Contact information for all of these organizations can be found on the CIC website at immigration.gc.ca/antifraud.


Once you have chosen a representative, make sure the representative updates you on your application on a regular basis. Remember—you must accept responsibility for all the information in your application whether you complete it or it is completed by your representative. It is against the law to give false or misleading information to Citizenship and Immigration Canada.

Cybersecurity Fraud Intelligence Lead: Vice President

The Cybersecurity organization's objective is to ensure that JPMC is able to effectively detect, prevent, and respond to cyber threats against our technology infrastructure. The scope of Cybersecurity comprises detection and monitoring of threats and vulnerabilities, managing security incidents, and evolving our preventive infrastructure to keep ahead of the threat. We accomplish this through strong information security leadership and active collaboration with line of business information risk managers to provide high quality security solutions and services that are focused on improving the Firm's risk posture.


The Cyber Fraud APAC and South America Lead will work closely with Fraud Intelligence teams within Cyber Security Operations to maintain and advance intelligence collection efforts, optimize reporting, and manage metrics production.




  • Lead efforts across Fraud Intelligence teams (card, banking, data automation) to expand the teams' intelligence collection, optimize reporting to internal stakeholders, and assist in managing expanding metrics production efforts specific to the Asia Pacific and South American geographic areas
  • Act as the Fraud Intelligence lead representative in a multi-disciplinary security operations center (SOC)
  • Act as liaison between Corporate Cyber Security Operations-Fraud Intelligence and the various JPMC lines of business (LOBs)
  • Work closely with Cyber Security Operations teams to collaborate on a first in class intelligence program.
  • Maintain and advance knowledge of industry fraud trends
  • Conduct and manage detailed analysis and risk assessments on all issues affecting the Firm
  • Engage in problem solving, process improvement, and strategic planning initiatives
  • Continually identify and evaluate 3 rd party solutions to fraud problems facing the Firm
  • Author and edit intelligence reports and contribute to metrics production




5+ years of experience with at least 3 collecting and analyzing intelligence, conducting financial investigations, and/or working in banking technology, risk, or operations including APAC and South America


  • 3+ years of experience collecting and analyzing intelligence, conducting financial investigations, and writing professional reports
  • Experience with large volumes of transactional data, conducting deep-dive analysis, and financial services industry products and services
  • Experience serving business stakeholders, managing cross collaboration, and leading teams
  • Strong knowledge of banking terms, phrases, and concepts
  • Prior cyber security and/or cyber threat experience a plus
  • The ability to work in a fast paced environment to include the translation of complex concepts and issues into messaging easily understood by senior leadership
  • Bachelor's degree or equivalent experience
  • Prior threat intelligence/SOC experience a plus


People Skills:


  • Excellent people, time management, and organization skills
  • An ability to work with minimal direction and supervision-independently or in leadership role
  • Experience managing aggressive deadlines in a fast-paced environment
  • The ability to coordinate, work with, and gain the trust of business stakeholders to achieve a desired objective


Process Skills:


  • Strong attention to detail in conducting analysis combined with ability to accurately record full supporting documentation
  • An ability to leverage the efforts of multiple teams into a cohesive product/service
  • An ability to mitigate a vulnerability or issue by leveraging support from internal stakeholders in a collaborative approach
  • An ability to conduct critical analysis, form a hypothesis, and make recommendations to senior management


Communication Skills:


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills are required
  • Able to articulate and visually present complex analysis results
  • Ability to communicate effectively with business representatives in explaining findings clearly and where necessary, in layman's terms


This position is anticipated to require the use of one or more High Security Access (HSA) systems. Users of these systems are subject to enhanced screening which includes both criminal and credit background checks, and/or other enhanced screening at the time of accepting the position and on an annual basis thereafter. The enhanced screening will need to be successfully completed prior to commencing employment or assignment.


J.P. Morgan is a place for talented people from all backgrounds and perspectives because our clients come from all backgrounds and perspectives. We encourage a culture of inclusion, where everyone's opinion counts and all employees have the freedom to deliver their absolute best. This is why we work hard and invest in attracting and developing a diverse workforce. Learn more about our Business Resource Groups in how they help our employees build successful careers and reach their greatest potential.

Mossack Fonseca: Estate Planning & Asset Protection


Through organizations such as Corporations, Private Foundations and Trusts, we assist our clients in their estate planning asset protection needs. Trust operations can protect assets from diverse threats, including political unrest, reckless heirs and more.


Each client has specific and definite requirements, and our solutions are always designed to meet the needs of one of them.


Contact Info:

Organization: Mossack Fonseca

Address: 54th Street, Marbella, Panama, Republic of Panama

Phone: (507) 205-5888

Website: http://www.mossfon.com/


Visit us on our Official Facebook Page

Mossack Fonseca Group Distributes Holiday Cheer

This article was originally distributed via SproutNews. SproutNews, WorldNow and this Site make no warranties or representations in connection therewith.


Mossack Fonseca’s consistent engagement in community service efforts continued throughout the holiday season in Llano Largo, Panama, where the company distributed holiday baskets outfitted with clothing, food and toys to residents of the community.


Panama, Republic of Panama – January 14, 2016 /PressCable/ — On Friday, December 12, 2015, Mossack Fonseca’s commitment to corporate social responsibility and community service was again on full display. In keeping with its longstanding tradition of supporting communities throughout Panama, company representatives from Mossack Fonseca distributed holiday baskets filled high with food, clothing, and toys to each family living in the rural community of Llano Largo, Panama. Throughout the holiday season, the company has sought to connect with community members and to demonstrate its commitment to service and goodwill to society as a whole.


It was a joyous occasion for all, but the representatives from the company made it quite clear that the opportunity to interact with community members and to give back in this way was a particularly gratifying experience. While several of the company’s representatives overheard residents as they exclaimed with awe, “Never have we seen baskets filled with so much — many thanks!” the representatives were quick to express their own gratitude for the support shown by the community throughout the time Mossack Fonseca has made Panama home to its main offices.


Mossack Fonseca’s community service efforts do not end at the close of the holiday season, as the company believes in the importance of offering its support to community members regardless of the time of year. Since its founding in 1977, Mossack Fonseca has always sought to provide its legal, accounting and trust services responsibly and in a manner in which everyone — clients, staff members, shareholders and society at large — is able to experience a highly beneficial outcome.


The Mossack Fonseca Group is dedicated to its multi-dimensional corporate social responsibility program, which has been partly inspired by the level of support the company continues to receive from local communities throughout Panama. Through volunteer work and donations, the company focuses on a wide range of concerns including health, education, culture, the environment, and especially children’s issues. The company’s continued efforts in this regard reflect the sincerity of Mossack Fonseca’s core values, which includes loyalty, commitment, and responsibility, among a number of other core principles.


For more information about us, please visit http://www.mossfon.com


Contact Info:

Name: Craig Edward

Organization: Mossack Fonseca

Address: 54th Street, Marbella, Panama, Republic of Panama

Phone: (507) 205.5888

Mossack Fonseca: Malta Refuses to Cede Tax Sovereignty


Mossack Fonseca - In response to the European Commission’s (EC) new anti-tax avoidance package that addresses base erosion and profit shifting (BEPS), Malta’s Finance Minister, Edward Scicluna, insists that his country will not cede tax sovereignty to the EC. Malta will resist any attempt by the EC to reduce sovereignty over its own fiscal affairs, he pledged.


BEPS refers to tax planning strategies that exploit gaps and mismatches in tax rules to artificially shift profits to low or no-tax locations where there is little or no economic activity, resulting in little or no overall corporate tax being paid.

In rebuttal to the EC’s anti-tax avoidance package, Minister Scicluna made the following points:


  • Malta is not ready to accept any form of tax harmonisation or any changes to their tax system. He considers this a “red line” that no one will be allowed to cross.
  • Malta condemns tax evasion, and is therefore ready to cooperate to reach an agreement that will enhance tax transparency and improve the exchange of tax-related information between EU member states.
  • Malta’s relatively low taxation rates in and of themselves shouldn’t be considered an abusive, harmful or unjust practice―there is nothing wrong with better tax planning―which mustn’t be confused with tax evasion.
  • Malta won’t be alone in its fight against proposed tax harmonisation―other European countries, including the United Kingdom, share a similar stance.


The Minister went on to say that he has already used the threat of a veto to force the EC to modify certain clauses within the BEPS proposal, including a phrase that proposes “a common but flexible approach”.